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Sweet baby Valerie

Erica contacted me for Maternity shoot back in May ( I think it was) and we had a great golden hour session with her family in Brentwood. And like clock work, Baby Val came right on schedule. Erica reached out once more to inquire about a newborn session with her boys and new daughter. I was delighted. Although I didn't start out as a newborn photographer per se, I have always been drawn to them.

Here are a few from Erica's Maternity session.....

My style as evolved more into lifestyle shooting. I focus more on the connection between the family and less on the posing elements. Although those are wonderful too, my heart is just more drawn to the simple interactions between everyone.

Valarie was so sweet and easy. She loved being held and especially loved hearing and feeling her older brother who had a very natural connection with her. It was super sweet to witness.

I am so grateful for being let into Erica's home and allowed to collect these wonderful moments with them. You can already tell this little girl is going to be spoiled with lots and lots of love.

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