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I DO! Propsal shoot at Inspiration Point, South Lake Tahoe

Rich contacted me about two weeks before his planned proposal to his partner Kelly. He had purchased the ring and now he wanted to pop the question. He knew he wanted it to be in Lake Tahoe because they have spent a lot of time there hiking and exploring through out the years.

And that is where I came in. I listened to his ideas and how he wanted to make it a surprise but wasn't too sure out to execute it. I helped him craft a story, and included all the details he wanted (having their dog, Snow help). I suggested Champagne and flowers and Ta Da, the setting was set.

They showed up right on time, walked my direction (blind folded) and I began to snap away. Boom-magic!

I would love to help you create the perfect proposal as well. Send me a message and let's get planning.

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