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A magical moment in Alaska.

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

I try to go back home every few years. I was raised in Anchorage, from 1-18. People often ask what it was like growing up there. Well I suppose it's like most peoples experience minus the dark months that last for what feels like forever. That also combined with a never setting sun between June and July that appears to snuggle us super close almost like an apology for the dark.

This year I knew I would be reuniting my daughter with her cousin Aria. I knew I wanted to capture their wild spirits among the trees. And that is exactly what we got! These two cuties gave me all the feels and needed little direction. My daughter had no issue taking the lead and Aria was more than ready for the experience.

I love a sessions like this. Not your traditional posed shoot, but more styled and choregraphed. If you are interested in a session more like these feel free to let me know. This is your session. The sky is the limit!

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